Simulated Universe Remixes - Part 3: Puerto Rican Breaks

Music: Scanner Darkly - Simulated Universe (Ri Caragol Remix) 
Artists: Scanner Darkly, Ri Caragol
Label: Deep Tech Recordings
Released: 16 July 2021

In part 3, we asked Ri Caragol about his use of MPC and analog synths in his productions. The DC-based producer, by way of Puerto Rico and New York, prefers to stay clear of hearing the original track and creating his remixes with hardware.

Previously in part 2, I asked Chairman (Andrew Kopca), about his creative process behind his remix, which won first place in the Headroom Listening Sessions contest for the “Simulated Universe” remixes.

In part 1 of this blog series, we discussed the initial concept ideas and starting points for the “Simulated Universe” remixes with Deep Tech Recordings founder, Wayne Wright, and the original artist, Scanner Darkly. 



Sample & Slice with the MPC 

Ri Caragol: "For this remix competition I decided to create a song with the stems without ever hearing the original track. I went ahead and downloaded all the stems and proceeded to load the parts into my sampler of choice, the Akai MPC Live. I then chopped all the parts into segments and pieces I thought would be useful and went to work. I mostly, as per usual, just felt out the vibe without paying much attention to anything but the feeling the music I was making evoked on me."

Tutorial video by Ave Mcree


Puerto Rican UK Breaks 

Ri Caragol: "Eventually, I stumbled onto a bit of a drum & bass/breaks vibe that reminded me of past raves and underground UK artists of the late 90s; folks like Photek, a Guy called Gerald, and others. Additionally, I layered a heavily filtered Moog Sub 37 mid range bassline throughout the track in order to continue with the drum & bass vibe and finally cut up and chopped up a break that adorns the whole sequence from start to finish, which ties the vibe together. Last but not least, I turned some of the vocals on the sample pack into delayed vocal stabs that melodiously bounce off of the beats as they pan left to right."

Demo by loopop


Clean Break from the Original 

Ri Caragol: "I have yet to hear the original track."

Editor’s note: In addition to Headroom Listening Sessions, Ri and I have also played live, hardware electronic shows together in DC. Ri combines a modular analog synth rack with his MPC Live, Octatrack, and other gear. Ri and I have previously released remixes of "Flutz" and "Live Illegal" for Mr. Wright on Funktrap Records; my remixes produced under Velocity 128.


All Those Patch Cables Live!


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