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Velocity 128

The duo of Eric Garwood (Iterations) & Jonathan Lim formed Velocity 128 in 2017 for their monthly synthwave performances at Betamax Video Club in Washington, D.C. The music being released through Jade Anvil Collective (among other labels) are studio versions of their live production and improvisational performances. Influenced by new wave, italodisco, and postpunk along with shoegaze and electronica, Velocity 128 performs a cinematic style of synthwave influenced by the 80s and 90s using hardware and software with modern production techniques.

Jonathan and Eric first played music together as part of the electronic rock band 23RAINYDAYS in 2006. Eric left as the band's original drummer after 2007, while Jonathan continued to play keys and contribute to songwriting until the band's last show in 2010. As Iterations, Eric Garwood is a cinematic synthwave producer, drummer, and guitarist. Eric's musical journey began at the age of 15 as a self-taught alt-rock drummer influenced by Jimmy Chamberlain and the Smashing Pumpkins (among others). Gradually, he drifted into a shoegaze-leaning guitar player and a synthesizer and drum machine enthusiast.

In 2015, the two collaborated on the Meridian Hill EP with Eric Garwood listed as the featured artist, primarily contributing on drums and guitars on "Meridian Hill" and "Menagerie." They further developed these ideas as an indie-electronic project, releasing the Toasters EP as Jonathan Lim & Iterations in January 2019.


While Jonathan Lim & Iterations produced a freeform style where both could write and arrange without constraints to genre, Velocity 128 became a focused project, honing in on synthwave and specific style and audience for Betamax Video Club.

Founded by Ben Maiorino and Alex Saify, Betamax Video Club is "a celebration of 80's B movie classics and home video club culture featuring live music by Velocity 128." The monthly events in Washington, D.C. pull together a dedicated crew of friends and fans of ridiculous movies and synthwave music.



Betamax Video Club vol.1

Velocity 128

This studio EP was inspired by live production, synths, and drum machine performances at Betamax Video Club in Washington, DC - A celebration of 80's B-movie classics and home video club culture. We set the mood early in the night and after the show.

Live performance and studio gear includes Ableton, Native Instruments, Roland, Pioneer, Arturia, Puremagnetik, Output, Waldorf, Dave Smith Instruments, Elektron, Waldorf, Dreadbox, Behringer, Strymon, Earthquaker, TC Electronic, MXR, dbx, Mooer, and Izotope.
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    Seats 3:57

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