Betamax Video Club

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Ten Tigers Parlour, 3813 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Velocity 128 - Synthwave live production by Eric Garwood & Jonathan Lim:

Betamax Video Club 9/2 - A celebration of 80's B movie classics and home video club culture.

The upstairs lounge opens at 6pm and the event begins promptly at 7pm.

Title: Toxic Avenger Rating: R (adult situations/language, nudity, violence) Genre: Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy Directed By: Michael Herz, Samuel Weil, Lloyd Kaufman Written By: Lloyd Kaufman, Joe Ritter, Stuart Strutin, Gay Partington Terry In Theaters: Apr 11, 1984 Runtime: 90 minutes Studio: Troma

In a crazy spoof of heroic monster movies that spawned three sequels, The Toxic Avenger is about the transformation of a mild-mannered, scrawny janitor into a thundering, muscular hero out for justice, morality, and in one case, a bit of sex. Melvin (Mark Torgl) has a job as a custodian at a work-out club where his humiliating treatment by the musclebound reaches an ugly climax in which Melvin is forced to jump out of a window. He lands in a toxic waste truck, and by some miracle of modern pollution he is transformed into a pumped-up monster, heretofore known as the Toxic Avenger (Mitchell Cohen). From that moment on, TA saves damsels and others in distress by some pretty gory mauling and maiming but finds his moment of fulfillment too.

Arrive early to enjoy food and cocktails in the upstairs lounge. Videos will play before and after each film with live soundtrack by local synthwave duo, Velocity 128.