Betamax Video Club

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Satellite Room, 2047 9th St NW, Washington, DC

Different location this weekend at Satellite Room

Title: Samurai Cop Rating: NR Genre: Action & Adventure Directed By: Amir Shervan Written By: Amir Shervan In Theaters: November 1, 1989 Runtime: 96 minutes Studio: Guilty Pleasure

When Japanese organized crime imbeds itself within LA, the police turn to one man to take down the deadly Yakuza -- Maniac Cop himself, Robert Z'Dar as Japanese authority and martial artist Joe Marshall, aka "The Samurai." With his fearless swagger and rock hard jaw, The Samurai tears a two-fisted hole through the mob and doesn't stop until the job is done

Arrive early to enjoy food and cocktails. Videos will play before and after each film with live soundtrack by local synthwave duo, Velocity 128.

Velocity 128 - Synthwave live production by Eric Garwood & Jonathan Lim: