Simulated Universe Remixes - Part 1: Initial Concepts

Artists: Scanner Darkly, Chairman, Jonathan Lim, Ri Caragol, Awesomer 
Label: Deep Tech Recordings 
Released: 16 July 2021

In part 1 of this blog series behind the remixes, I chatted with Wayne Wright of Deep Tech Recordings and the track’s original artist, Scanner Darkly (Travis Wingate) on the concepts surrounding this release.

The remixes covered various styles ranging from progressive house, acid/nudisco, drum & bass/breaks, and deep house as inspired by elements of the original minimal/deep tech track.


The Pandemic Sessions Brought to You by Deep Tech Recordings

Wayne Wright [founder, Deep Tech Recordings]: “Before the pandemic hit, I reached out to Headroom Listening Sessions founder, Chadwick, and initially wanted to do a remix competition for one of my best sellers, ‘Margarita Flavored Ice Cream.’ Chadwick was like, ‘ah I'm not feeling that one, but how about something from Scanner Darkly?’

Initially I wasn't thrilled, but I figured remixing something from Travis (Scanner Darkly) would be much better in terms of the diversity that would come from it. With his level of quality productions and his great use of melody, and his great sample selection, this could really be something for the Headroom community to cut their teeth into.

I forget the date we commissioned this remix competition but I figured it would give people something to work with over the pandemic and it would also be a way to keep our great Headroom community together. I myself have been gone from DC for almost 3 years but I still feel very much part of the fabric of the Washington, DC electronic music making community and Headroom has a lot to do with that.”


The DC Talent Pool

Wayne Wright: “All the remixes were amazing and I was able to find some great talent nestled deep in the confines of the Washington, DC area that I hadn't quite come across yet. I initially had 7 favorites that I came across in the competition but ultimately the winners were decided on what fit the Deep Tech Recordings sound the best as well as what would be something I could play myself, being both the label boss and a DJ.”



We’re in the Simulation! (Or not)

Scanner Darkly (Travis Wingate): “The inspiration for the track is based on the idea that we may be living in a digitally created world [as] opposed to a material one. It's a concept that allows for some interesting philosophical and existential conversation; while I don't wholly subscribe to the idea, it opens the door for fun ideas to kick around.”

Scanner Darkly’s Original Mix:


Becoming One with the Maschine

Scanner Darkly: “I use Native Instruments Maschine for production. I almost always start with the percussion and beat and go from there. It usually turns into a free form session, experimenting with synths, melodies, etc. once the beat is established. I like to have a general concept like using a repetitive stab or specific melody and just allow things to develop. If something isn't working with the track as a whole, I trash it and move on, regardless of how good it might sound on its own. Once I have most of the foundation and form sorted out, it's usually just a matter of putting the time in to wrap it up so it's cohesive.”

Editor’s note: Check out Accurate Beats and Sarah, the !llstrumentalist for Maschine workflow demos.


Hydrotechnic Engagement

Scanner Darkly: “I am looking forward to playing my two favorite festivals in New York this year, Hydrotechnics Festival on July 24th and Sun and Stone on September 25th. I have some great EPs ready to release later this year on Deep Tech Recordings and Techniche. Also, I am currently working on a new EP for The Seed. Big shout out to Bill Kramer, Wayne Wright and Rudy Malinao for their continued support of my music as well as my amazing fiancée, Samantha Morrison, who has supported me long before I signed my first EP.” 



Part 2 Up Next

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog series when we discuss the winning remix with progressive house producer, Chairman (Andrew Kopca)!


In part 3, we asked Ri Caragol about his use of MPC and analog synths in his productions. The DC-based producer, by way of Puerto Rico and New York, prefers to stay clear of hearing the original track and creating his remixes with hardware.  

In part 4, San Francisco's Awesomer (Rob Coli) describes his remix approach from the Massive (Native Instruments) bassline to tribal house rhythms.

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