Meridian Hill single released!

The Meridian Hill single is out now! You can take a listen at soundcloud or bandcamp

The complete Meridian Hill EP will be released on 16 April 2015. Stay tuned! [UPDATE: The EP will be released under the new DC-based record label, Jade Anvil Collective. Release date will be in late summer 2015.]

This shoegazer-inspired, indie-dance track started as a sound design idea at Meridian Hill Park in DC. A few conversations later with former 23RAINYDAYS bandmate, Eric Garwood, resulted in a five-track EP! This includes remixes by DC underground house music stalwarts Team Zapata and upcoming Brooklyn producer Conrad Clifton.

Along with the Meridian Hill single, we also released Conrad Clifton's remix

Conrad Clifton approached the track at a different angle with his hip-hop background, future/bass production, and scratch DJ skills.

The full track list:

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