Mixing and Mastering Live with Blvksite on Twitch

Tonight starting at 8:15 PM, Blvksite (Justin Barini-Rivers) will be mixing and mastering my upcoming track, "Ensuing Days," live on Twitch!





For those interested in the music production details and what goes…

New Music: Betamax Video Club vol.1 on Cassette!

This debut EP by Velocity 128 (Eric Garwood and Jonathan Lim) was inspired by live production, synths, and drum machine performances at Betamax Video Club in Washington, DC; a celebration of 80's B-movie classics and home video club culture. The…

Ending 2017 at Backbar, 9:30 Club in DC

To close out 2017, I played some #chillout #synthwave #indiedance and #balearic beats at Backbar in DC. Featuring music by Com Truise, Indian Wells, Midnight Pursuit, NewRetroWave, Himalayan Dalai Lama, Robert Parker, GERGAZ, SYNKRO, E1sbar and Conrad Clifton:


Two-part DJ mix to set the vibe in the Outer Banks


This is a two-part series of a yearly beach gathering with close friends in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Part 1 features the ambient sounds and lo-fi beats of ロフト tapes and 自決 9 6 of Adhesive Sounds…

Music to End the Summer at a Small Beach Town

Ending the summer of 2016 at a small town beach house among close friends, these tracks were inspired by childhood #newwave tunes, the DC music scene, and synth-heavy soundtracks to push us forward into the fall.

Part 2: Jade Anvil