Remix Submitted for Olaf Stuut's "Run" on Atomnation

On a whim, Eric Garwood (aka, Iterations) and I put together a remix for Olaf Stuut's "Run" on Atomnation Records. We'll update you with the results once they let us know which one they selected for the *official* remix EP. As a musician and producer, I'm also a fan of Atomnation's releases and Olaf Stuut's LP is in line with all of them. There's a quirky, chunky, airy feel of electronic elements with just enough vocals to create a broad soundscape.

As a single, "Run" is not a standard 4:4 dance track and lends itself to different directions for a remix. Eric set the foundation with the TR8, live drums, and guitars and I took it from there to nail down the arrangements, synths, and making sure we get the right vibe overall for the remix - make sure it stays true to us while giving Olaf and Atomnation something they may not have thought up themselves. We definitely enjoyed the process. We hope you enjoy the final result as well.

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