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Synthwave and Soundtrack Vibes at the Betamax Video Club 

In the past couple of months, I've been playing music for a monthly event in Washington, D.C. called Betamax Video Club. In their words, it's "a celebration of 80's B movie classics and home video club culture." Before and after the movie, I play some obscure tunes from today that were inspired by the 80s, along with other styles that would fit the mood for the night. 

Closing set, 28 May 2017:

Opening set, 28 May 2017:

Featuring the balearic, warm-weather beats of Max Essa and Aria Rostami; a fusion…

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Our New Remix is Out for Baltimore Synth Rockers, Red This Ever! 

A new remix I finished for Red This Ever's single, "Default," is now available along with a remastered version of the original!

It's been a long one in the making, going back since our respective bands last performed together in Baltimore and DC. This song always resonated with me and I'm thrilled to contribute an alternate take on Red This Ever's music.

Baltimore's ReGen Magazine covered the release to provide the backstory to the original song as told by Roy of Red This Ever, along with our process for…

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Music to End the Summer at a Small Beach Town 

Ending the summer of 2016 at a small town beach house among close friends, these tracks were inspired by childhood #newwave tunes, the DC music scene, and synth-heavy soundtracks to push us forward into the fall.

Part 2: Jade Anvil Collective Mix Series (107)

Featuring local DC artist @E1SBARMUSIC, @nuage_music & Veronique J on @translationrecs, indie rock beats by @ALPACABEATS, @rumpistol, and @K0dacr0me, multiple electronic styles from @AtomnationRec, funky house sounds of @kraaksmaak, synthwave from…

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Remix Submitted for Olaf Stuut's "Run" on Atomnation 

On a whim, Eric Garwood (aka, Iterations) and I put together a remix for Olaf Stuut's "Run" on Atomnation Records. We'll update you with the results once they let us know which one they selected for the *official* remix EP. As a musician and producer, I'm also a fan of Atomnation's releases and Olaf Stuut's LP is in line with all of them. There's a quirky, chunky, airy feel of electronic elements with just enough vocals to create a broad soundscape.…

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Before music was on-demand, this stuck with me since I was a kid 

This is one of the first music videos I remember watching as a kid - before we could choose what music we wanted to hear on-demand 24x7, social media, file sharing, or every other source available to promote artists or play music. The only time we could hear music was through the radio, tv shows, or records and tapes we had access to. You couldn't choose the playlist unless you or your friends had the physical recording. This one in particular stuck with me since childhood. "Who is this guy? He has a purple…

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Debut EP released! Meridian Hill is officially out on Jade Anvil Collective! 

Announcing our first release on the Jade Anvil Collective record label, the Meridian Hill EP features a collaboration with my former 23RAINYDAYS bandmate, Eric Garwood, and remixes from future-bass producer Conrad Clifton and DC house music stalwarts Team Zapata! Out now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Beatport, Juno Downloads, Spotify, and other major, digital music platforms!

The backstory...

Meridian Hill started out as a sound design idea one summer in Washington, DC. Later on, after a few conversations…Read more

From last year in the desert... 

The big Burn is about to commence next weekend. Three years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet a great group of creative people in DC who organized a camp where we could create our own experiences on the playa. In the past three years, I was able to contribute some extended DJ sets (and help with the sound system) for some of our parties. While I won't be "going home" this year, I do have some DJ sets from last year that I haven't posted until now...

For 2014, I put together a mix of electronic and rock…Read more

New Record Label - Jade Anvil Collective! 

Quick update - Over the past few months, I've been contributing to the launch of Jade Anvil Collective, a new record label and artist collective based in the DC-Baltimore area. What started as an idea turned into something we felt was needed for artists in the region who cross over into multiple styles and media. The first release on the Jade Anvil label will be my Meridian Hill EP! Moving ahead, we already have a good idea of what we'll be releasing over the next several months. As an artist, it feels…Read more

Meridian Hill single released! 

The Meridian Hill single is out now! You can take a listen at soundcloud or bandcamp

The complete Meridian Hill EP will be released on 16 April 2015. Stay tuned! [UPDATE: The EP will be released under the new DC-based record label, Jade Anvil Collective. Release date will be in late summer 2015.]

This shoegazer-inspired, indie-dance track started as a sound design idea at Meridian Hill Park in DC. A few conversations later with former 23RAINYDAYS bandmate, Eric Garwood, resulted in a…Read more

Meridian Hill video is up! 

In case you all missed it the first time around, [capsaicin] directed a music video for the title track of my upcoming EP! Check it out here: Meridian Hill music video

We shot this late, after it rained, and our crew went home for the night. ;) [capsaicin] took advantage of the elements and really captured vibe. We'd also like to thank Mr. Garwood for lending us his antique railroad lantern. The rain, darkness, and location did the rest. 

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Previous events

Betamax Video Club

 —  —

Ten Tigers Parlour, 3813 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

We'll be performing a live, synthwave set before and after tonight's screening!

"A man with a bazooka helps air-freighters Donna and Taryn against drug smugglers and a snake."

Arrive early to enjoy food and cocktails in the upstairs lounge. Videos will play before and after each film with live synthwave soundtrack by Jonathan and Eric.

Betamax Video Club

 —  —

Ten Tigers Parlour, 3813 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

A celebration of 80's B movie classics and home video club culture.

Blending elements from 50's creature features , 60's zombie horror, and an 80's teen movie, Night of the Creeps follows geeky pals Chris Romero and J.C. Hooper as they pledge to a college fraternity in the hopes that it will lead to better luck with the girls on campus. Tasked with breaking into the college medical center as part of their initiation, the two unwittingly release a horror that has laid dormant for almost 30 years. Things go from bad to worse when the menace spreads to the sorority house where Chris's love interest Cynthia Cronenberg and her sisters prepare for the big formal dance. What follows is an inspired cult favorite full of in-jokes, chain smoking detectives, B movie star cameos, and gross special effects.

Arrive early to enjoy food and cocktails in the upstairs lounge. Videos will play before and after the film with live synthwave soundtrack by Jonathan and Eric.

Betamax Video Club

 —  —

Ten Tigers Parlour, 3813 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

I'll be performing a live electronic music soundtrack jam session with Iterations before and after the film screening!

Betamax Video Club 6/25

A celebration of 80's B movie classics and home video club culture.

This month we travel to the post apocalyptic future of 2017. In this heartwarming tale our hero is forced to leave his white color LA society life behind when an unfortunate kitchen accident leads to the demise of his beloved android companion (sex robot). With the help of a hard nosed female mercenary (and a few surface to air missles) he navigates the wasteland known as Zone 7 and encounters lawless rogues and mutants on his journey to find the perfect woman.

Arrive early to enjoy food, cocktails, and synthwave in the upstairs lounge before the film starts.

The upstairs lounge opens at 6pm and the event begins promptly at 7pm.

Technofilia Tercer Aniversario

 —  —

Playas (the beaches), Paseo Playas de Tijuana 3959, Playas, Costa Azul

I'm a late addition to the lineup at Technofilia 3rd anniversary beach party in Tijuana! This is also my debut in Mexico. I'll be playing tunes with Jade Anvil Collective artist, Capsaicin. We are playing a back to back set starting at 1:00 AM.

TERCER ANIVERSARIO TECHNOFILIA 17 de junio 2017 Playa Costa Azul Playas de Tijuan Baja california sabado 17 de junio, 2 areas AREA TECHNOFILIA Techno & house AREA progre & psy, Evento Apto Para Todas Las Edades.

Betamax Video Club

 —  —

Ten Tigers Parlour, 3813 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011

I'll be playing DJ sets before and after the film, mixing synthwave, nudisco, and other electronic music with the evening's theme in mind. It's like our own little Mystery Science Theater 3000; this is a monthly celebration of 80's B movie classics and home video club culture.

In this month's film, we follow two bumbling tabloid reporters on assignment in Transylvania. They are faced with a dilemma: find the elusive Frankenstein or find new jobs.

Jonathan Lim

Flash, 645 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Before all the Inauguration road closures, we'll be back at Flash previewing original works from DC-area music producers. I'll be there to test out one of our tracks for an upcoming EP. The rooftop will also be open for happy hour. Stop by and say hi!

Body Werk Rooftop Sessions w/ Katrina Mir, cLinC, Jonathan Lim

 —  —

Rock n Roll Hotel, 1353 H St NE, Washington, DC

"Fall is here and I don't know about you but I am so ready to disappear into a giant comfy sweater. Unfortunately in DC we don't get to enjoy it very long before the brutal cold kicks in. So before that happens come hang with us on the rooftop at RnR Hotel and enjoy the autumn air matched with great food and drink and some choice tunes!" - Katrina

This will be my first gig at Rock n Roll Hotel since 23RAINYDAYS opened for RED years ago. :)


afterparty - Boston Underground Film Festival

 —  —

NasA, Boston, MA

DC takeover of the Boston Underground Film Festival is tentatively taking place after Saturday night's film screenings.

Featuring DC electronic musicians and DJs: [capsaicin], Jonathan Lim, others