Betamax Video Club

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Slash Run, 201 Upshur St NW, Washington, DC 20011 Betamax Video Club 10/30- A celebration of 80's B movie classics and home video club culture featuring live music by Velocity 128 Title: Brain Damage Rating: R Genre: Horror Director: Frank Henenlotter Writer: Frank Henenlotter In Theaters: April 22, 1988 Runtime: 1h 34m Studio: Paramount Pictures A boy grows addicted to psychedelic jolts from an eel-like brain-eating monster called Elmer. Title: Frankenhooker Rating: R Genre: Horror, Comedy Director: Frank Henenlotter Writer: Edgar Ievins In Theaters: June 1, 1990 Runtime: 1h 28m Studio: Paramount Pictures A New Jersey mad doctor rebuilds his girlfriend with body parts from exploded hookers.

Odd commercials, movie trailers, and found footage will play before and after the film along with music performed live by local synthwave duo, Velocity 128 Velocity 128 - Synthwave live production by Eric Garwood & Jonathan Lim:

Schedule 6:30-7:00 Coming Attractions 7:00-8:30 Brain Damage (1988) 8:30-9:30 Velocity128 live 9:30-11:00 Frankenhooker (1990)