Betamax Video Club TV

 —  —;, Online Betamax Video Club TV 8/30- A celebration of 80's B movie classics and home video club culture featuring live music by Velocity 128 Title: Rock & Rule Rating: PG (adult situations/language) Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Art House & International, Drama, Musical & Performing Arts, Science Fiction & Fantasy Directed By: Clive A Smith Written By: Patrick Loubert, Peter Sauder, John Halfpenny In Theaters: June 1, 1983 Runtime: 77 minutes Studio: MGM/ UA Entertainment Company In this acclaimed, animated rock and roll feature, Angel, a member of a punk rock band in the apocalyptic future, is kidnapped by Mok, a legendary super rocker, obsessed with an evil experiment, Mok plans to use Angel's voice to summon a demon from another dimension. The rest of the band follows Mok to Nuke York in an attempt to rescue her and then the ultimate battle of good vs. evil begins.

Odd commercials, movie trailers, and found footage will play before and after the film along with music performed live by local synthwave duo, Velocity 128 Velocity 128 - Synthwave live production by Eric Garwood & Jonathan Lim:

Schedule 6:30-7:00 Coming Attractions 7:00-8:30 Rock & Rule 8:30-9:30 Velocity128 live 9:30-11:00 Sorceress