Even Treks - the Even Numbered Star Trek Films and the Toys That Made Us

“Even Treks” is the follow-up to our previous single, “Odd Treks,” inspired by an episode of The Toys That Made Us on Star Trek. This re-imagined instrumental was produced with synths and drum machines to create more emotional, retro beats with the Star Trek films in mind. Our music with Velocity 128 fits a wide open travel vibe, like on a hike to Mirror Lake, Washington as shown in the cover art.


If you've been to our Betamax Video Club shows in D.C., or saw us live at NEON Retrofest, you'll recognize different versions of “Even Treks” we've played out, performed back-to-back with “Odd Treks.” Now we have the official studio version, all polished and cleaned up. :)

This track was created the same time as "Odd Treks" with a similar Ableton session, layering piano and pad sounds from Native Instruments and Ableton played on the Push 2. 

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